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It Takes Two


Samantha Rogers, CCMA

As a child I was given the honor and privilege of living with my grandparents.  This lifestyle afforded me the opportunity to assist my grandfather to care for my diabetic grandmother.  I was able to witness and partake in the true experience of love and care through the care that my grandfather provided.  His patience and, attention to detail was appreciated and welcomed from my grandmother, therefore, I was intrigued.  After attempting to  satisfy my desire to serve my community through the restaurant industry, I realized that my true passion is in serving my elderly community.  The most important and gratifying decision of my life had been made... After graduating from Continental Academy, I chose to complete my Certification in Nursing and the story begins... 


The fact is, everyone ages. It is an inherent property of life. As our bodies and minds develop over time, we adapt to these changes by modifying our decisions and actions. The later years of life can be especially challenging, but EZ Rest Respite is here to help.  We work with our clients and their families to customize options that will help them lead the lives they want., thereby offering "rest for you and care for them."



Several years of medical training and experience



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